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Character Build: The Night Reaver

This build beautifully combines many of my first time experiences into one awesome mix. Never before have I tried a no crafting build. But, not content to try just one new thing, I threw in vampirism, archery, bound weaponry, and necromancy in for go

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Character Build: The Force Adept

I wanted to explore ways to bring out the full potential of destruction magic, without employing the usual combo of illusion and conjuration spells to cover its many weaknesses. 

So every aspect of this build revolves around making the destruction s

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Character Build: The Brute

I've wanted to revamp this creation a bit for quite some time. There were 4 major areas I focused on with this revamp: I trimmed a lot of fat from the build making this character build much easier to level and thus more accessible to players. I shed

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The Role-player's Modding Guide

A Simple Guide to a More Immersive Skyrim

Easily the best thing about Skyrim, and the one thing keeping us playing years after its release, is immersion. And one of the greatest benefits of mods is being able to go beyond the limits of the van

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TES Character Build Archives

Welcome to The TES Character Build Archives! On this page all of the sites Elder Scrolls character builds can be navigated to quickly through our ever expanding tag network. Builds found here are categorized by archetype and play-style so you can re

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Character Build: The Samurai

After what seems like forever and a day ago since I last contributed to this fine community, I am back with yet another character build. This build is my take on the ever popular master swordsman concept, and it has been many months in the making. It

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Character Build: Riften's Most Wanted

Hello and welcome to another classic Raidriar and Curse Never Dying collab. A long time ago Raid and I released this build as part of a character building contest. The theme of the contest was Holds of Skyrim. Every entry was to embody at least one h

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Character Build: The Knight Cleric

Good day and welcome to my first addition to this awesome shiny new site of ours. This build came about from my desire to build a dedicated support character in Skyrim. Drawing much inspiration from the Templar Knights of the Dragon Age series, I sou

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