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Tales of Lamp Camp - Table of Contents

8015576272?profile=RESIZE_710xTales of Lamp Camp

Inspired by the Tales of Ba Sing Se episode from Avatar: The Last Airbender, GMs Ponty and Kendrix have put together a series of short stories offering a slice of life view into the daily lives of some of the non-player characters i

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Lamp Chronicle: Awakening I

A quintet of hoofbeats thundered across the Dragon Bridge as night fell over Haafingar. The waning moons above provided little respite from the darkness, pierced only by shining magelights hovering above our column. Our mounts did not slow for the si

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Guide to creating a Perk Spread

A quick guide I put together for creating perk spreads for your Character Builds. Perk spreads are a good way to show off one of your favourite artworks or screenshots while conveying the perks used in your build to the reader!

Made using GIMP: https

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Lamp Chronicle: Teldryn

It was early evening when the Northern Maiden arrived in Raven Rock. Magnus hung low over the western horizon, casting the distinctly Dunmer architecture, ashen soil and volcanic cliffs in a soft red glow. I was eager to get off the ship and into som

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Lamp Descendant - Table of Contents

rsWBQnq.jpgY1jKUvp.pngWhen the Palatinus of the High Rock chapter of the Order of the Lamp stumbles upon a threat which could put all of Tamriel in danger, they are thrust into a tale of fellowship and loss, victory and defeat, and fate and destiny. This tale serves as an

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Contest Build: The Lamp Descendant

While it might have been over 5(!) years since I posted my last build, the announcement of the Back to Basics contest inspired me to dust off one of my old ideas, where the journey is just as important as the destination, and dive headfirst back into

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Lamp Descendant: Epilogue

It seemed like it was years that I was stuck in that cell. I wasn’t sure if it was the food or something about the magic of the Adamantine Tower, but it felt like my strength and magicka waned each day I rotted in there. I had plenty of time to think

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Lamp Descendant: Chapter 4

It was late morning by the time we entered the gates of Wayrest. If the guards were looking for us, they didn’t notice our group amongst the many travelers, merchants and adventurers coming and going from the city. The streets were flushed with colou

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Lamp Descendant: Chapter 3

I burst through the door of the herbalist’s shop in Evermore, my eyes darting through the shelves searching for Marie. I’d come as quickly as I could from the palace; between the whirlwind cloak I had summoned and the run across town, I must have loo

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Lamp Descendant: Chapter 2

It was almost dawn by the time the four of us in our little boat made it back to Evermore. With Teldryn and Calindil still recovering from their injuries, it was my turn to do the rowing. We were all well and truly exhausted by the time we arrived at

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Lamp Descendant: Chapter 1

Four souls in a wooden dinghy were all that remained of the Order of the Lamp.

A far cry from the days of the Mages Guild, when thousands clashed with Mannimarco’s necromancers and undead. Or even during the Great War, when my father and I lead a 4-sc

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