Bask in my Presence...

Ararvyne still held the inscribed Lexicon, and returned it as per the agreement with Septimus Signus. When he queried Septimus of the contents of the Box, he learned he was sent here by the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora, ruler of the unknown. This spiked his interest in the cube; perhaps he may find a purpose by pursuing the Daedra, as they were, to him, the last vestiges of godly power left in the world to alter it.

No sooner than he'd begun thinking, he was met by Mora at the exit, who offered the position of his champion to Ararvyne once he'd opened the box. He thought about who Mora was, the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Fate. and realized that he could obtain and endless amount of lifetimes worth of knowledge if he were to serve him. Perhaps, there may even be a way to restore the Templars to their former glory.

With this in mind, he accepted, and set out to find the blood of mer.

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