Infernal Huntress - Skyrim SE build Preview

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I'll preface this video by saying, this character is heavily inspired and influenced by an old character build from the Skyrim Blog called "The Demon Hunter" by "No Snakes Alive" I have sprinkled in a fair bit of my own originality to make it work for the Ordinator perk Overhaul. The build focuses on up close crossbow play, lots of fire and restoration based magics and is very efficent at taking care of the undead. I have no build as of yet for this character, but do intend on creating one in the, hopefully not to distant future.

Enjoy watching Dust Mans Cairn made to look far easier than it has any right to be :)


  • A worthy successor to No Snakes Alive’s Demon Hunter. I have no doubt he’d be proud. 

  • Aye I agree Curse. I love my Fire spells and Crossbows - needless to say, you've got me. Hook, line and sinker mate. 

  • Very noice, oddly I have been cooking a Demon Huntress build lately. It might become a real thing depending on its performance. Good job Furrion. By the way, that armor is looking really good, is it from the Creation Club?

  • I love how you spent half the video just smacking people in the face with your crossbow. It looks oddly satisfying.

  • Sorry guys didn't realise there were a few coments on here already, I didn't seem to get notified :(

    @Curse - Thanks Curse I'm flattered you think man :D. She's a wee ways off. But I might chuck a few edits into the WIP I got up tomorrow.

    @Lee - Glad to hear it Lee! This was a very fun character play, and I'm looking forward to getting the build up in all of it's Vampire Hunting Glory lol.

    @ASavageSandwich - Hey mate. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't satisfying bow bashing everyone lol :D :D

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