Hey there I'm Furrion 17. Welcome to my page. I've been playing TES and all manner of fantasy and Sci - FI vid games for almost as long as I can remember. I also very much enjoy reading and writing, and find the latter to be quite therapeutic at times. 

I live way down the bottom of the planet, in the lowest region of the small country of New Zealand. I also very much enjoy nature and try to frequent the great outdoors this beautiful country I live in has. Chances are if you've seen another Furrion 17 about it's me.


I have a Blog too! You can follow my writing and poetry updates there by visiting me at www.billbromley.com

Skyrim Character Builds

The Sunder Mage - What this sinister mage can't take through allure and illusion she will take through crushing telekinetic force and vile  blood magic.

The Witch Arrow - This Bosmeri witch can bend the very essence of nature to her every whim. What mother nature gives, she can take just as easy.

The Reaver - A mighty vampiric warrior who has unlocked the true and terrifying potential hidden within blood. Few will stand against such untapped and raw power.

The Shadow of Dawn - A stealthy Nightblade who uses her skills of subterfuge and holy magics to hunt the creatures of night. A true hunter of hunters.

The Stormrider (Overhaul in Progress) - A grizzled and experienced Spell Shield Adept with all manners of Lightning. 


 Short Stories

Story of the Rider - (A multi part tale)

Ivriel - The Witch Arrow

Svarah Blood - Blade: The Awakening

The Shadow of Dawn - (A Full Backstory)




The Hour of the Wolf


The Flame of Time

The Descent

Autumn's End


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Dragon Age Templar Lore Discussion Hello and welcome to another Dragon Age lore discussion. It’s been a little while since I did one of these but better late than, never right? In this lore discussion I’m going to be taking a look at the Templar c…
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Furrion 17 replied to Henson's discussion Moments Of Awe
"For skyrim I'll pick 3

The Forgotten Vale. This place never ceases to amaze me. It's so idyllic and the fauna are all rather unique. I'll never forget the dragon battle on the frozen lake either. I remember the first time I discovered the vale I wa…"
May 20
Furrion 17 replied to Pixel's discussion Fog of War - A Short Story in The Story Corner
"I know the dude (not personally), i'm subbed as well. He's from New Zealand too :). He puts out some really helpful content on world building etc."
May 20
Furrion 17 replied to Pixel's discussion Fog of War - A Short Story in The Story Corner
"Love it Pix. Very emotive and tense. You did super well with the duel between the two warriors there."
May 20
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May 20
Furrion 17 replied to Chris Diokno's discussion Video Game Twists and Reveals, what are your favorites?
"Playing Halo CE the first time on the Mission "343 guilty spark".
The build up to the introduction of the flood and fate of the Marines was just really well done."
May 20
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May 18
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Downfall Coddled beneath the façade of your false utopia. You think we are too blind to see the mask that hides the truth. Shackled in this graveyard full of broken promises. We are cursed to be the pawns of your own malevolence.The hourglass runs…
May 16
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May 12
Furrion 17 replied to Curse's discussion Show Off Your Character(s) - The ESO Fashion Catalog in Elder Scrolls Online
"Hey guys. I got small Handful of Characters to share. First up is my Stamnia Nightblade. I went for a bit of an OG Ezio Assassins Creed vibe for this outfit. 
The outfit is a conbo of the Trinimac, Breton, Imperial, High Elf and Dark Brotherhood pi…"
May 10
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May 10
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"A very enjoyable read Saronis. A nice touch using the "offical" document as the medium for your backstory. I can tell that you have put a lot of thought into crafting Caesia. There are a few things I'll touch on that I think you can do to improve on…"
Apr 13

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  • Hey welcome aboard Furrion. 

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How did you find this community?

Just interested in sharing some of my builds and stories :)

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

3 - 5 and ESO

What Fallout games have you played?

3 and 4

Do you get to the Cloud District often?

:D :D


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