Reaver Gameplay - Skyrim SE

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Come watch as my Reaver, Svarah - Blood Blade cleaves through the bandits of Treva's Watch.

The Reaver chracter buildis  inspired by the Dragon age class of the same name. Find the build here in the link below.


  • Yep. This build definitely has the look and feel of a reaver. Very nicely done Furion. 

    • She is definnatly good at hitting stuff and hard lol! Blood Revel is an extremely powerful ability if you spec your character carefuly. Instead of it being a curse to use as it may be for most characters, it is the only way this character knows how to fight. It's just an extremely fittiing ability for a Reaver archetype.  Or a Blood Mage for that matter. And thanks man. I feel that this build was a turning point for me as a builder, I really tried to step up a notch or two with things.

  • man those two handers hit like trucks! Also, does Blood Revel have a cooldown or something? Since you can activate it "at will".

    After your Witch Arrow build, this is my favorite. Good job man!

    • They really do, the perks iv'e taken and Sacrosanct abilities really help this build shine.

      Blood Revel doesn't have a cooldown. While active you do more damage especially if you have the Dance With the Beast perk from sacrosanct.  It is only activatble once a battle and stays on for the durtion which means you gotta use it carefully cause you could easily kill yourself if you dont know what your doing.  It has  a constant atribute drain while active, so health management is key.It also decreases all max attributes by 10 points when ever activated until you feed next. It's generally seen as a negative abilitybut i've specced Svarah in a way that allows her to manage all of the draw backs quite abley, to take advantage of the insane damage potential it has.

      Glad you like the video mate, I'll try and have one of the Witch Arrow up before too long as well :)

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