Skyrim Character Build: The Grave Robber - Darkest Dungeon Ordinator Build

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THE GRAVE ROBBER is a fast lightly armored build which carries poisoned darts and throwing knives for range, a pickaxe and torch for melee. I especially enjoyed using paralysis poisons for crowd control or simply to have a tough opponent lay helplessly at your feet while hitting him with my pickaxe!

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  • This is good stuff PC. Glad to see you back into Skyrim again. Have you considered posting this build as a write up here? 

    •   Sadly people only show up on his yt channel when he makes Skyrim builds, but he does have a pretty great Star Wars series if you feel like stopping by.

  • Great build and video PC!

  • Did you ever confirm if throwing weapons are effected by ordinator perks? You seemed unsure about it in the vid

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