Sunder Mage - "Blood" Game Play - Skyrim SE

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An all out bloody assault on the Deepwood Redoubt.


  • wow, empathic agony + equilibrium is even stronger than I thought! Good video

    • Oh it absouloutley is! It's a very nice combo that I was so glad to have thought to use!

  • What bloody fun this is! You make me want to boot up my maleficar and post a demo vid.

    • So much fun Curse. Gotta love how much that health bar yo-yo's lol. I think that ive really been able to recreate the classes from DA2 (Blood Mage/Force Mage) quite well this time round. And you should absolutely do a video of your Maleficar. I tried to show off as many of the abilities as I could. Ran out of enemies to play with though :p so didn't get quite all of them.

  • Watching that health bar go up and down gave me anxiety something fierce. Good job Furion.

    • You're not the only one. Half the time I'm thinking "Dude, is he gonna accidentally kill himself?"

    • Thanks mate glad you liked it. Haha all part of the fun XD have to have a massive health pool on higher difficulty with  Equilibrium. The health cost scales with difficulty. I played mostly on expert and Master difficulties, which felt like a good balance for the build. This build is all about living on the edge. The desire to use just that little bit more health to finish off an enemy, wanted to really hammer home the blood magic in this build. Every spell every encounter is fueled by health in one way or another. 

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