The Champion of Molag Bal - Destroying the Dawnguard - Skyrim SE Modded

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This is the first video I ever made. The quality is not that good, I was actually only testing if I was capable to record footage somewhat in a decent way 'cause I' play on laptop. I'll try to record other videos from now on with a better quality. 

Playing as The Champion of Molag Bal, a vampiric assassin that uses deceit to take on fights and his vampirc powers to bend the will of his enemies and claim their soul to Molag Bal. He alsos use a special conjured dremora called Xivilai but I didn't use during this quest. In a 1-On-1, he can break of stealth and dual wield the Mace of his master and Harkon' Sword to deal a lot of damage in a small window of time. But beware, with no defense investiments at all, you can quickly be overpowered if you not subjate your foe in a few hits.

Hope you guys enjoy. 

Champion of Molag Bal build.

Major Skills: Enchanting, Illusion, Sneak

Minor Skills: Conjuration, One-Handed, Pickpocket

Played on Legendary difficulty.

Mods showed in this video:

- Ordinator Overhaul

- Sacrosanct Vampire Overhaul

- Apocalypse Spells

- Forgotten Magic Redone

- Xivilai - Mihail Monsters and Animals

- Evil Mastermind Armor

- SkyUI


  • Neat video CF. Have you considered turning this into a written build to post in the Skyrim CB group?

    • Thank you Curse. It means a lot. I'll try to improve a lot with my recording and quality.

      • I though the video quality was okay.

This reply was deleted.

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