madking cf replied to Curse's discussion Which Daedric Prince do you favor?
"Hermaeus Mora, easily. I really like all princes, but the Gardener of Men was always my favorite. Knowledge is something really powerful and extremely important. It can save and ruin lives. While some princes often try to grab power by force,…"
Jun 1, 2020
madking cf replied to Chris Diokno's discussion Video Game Twists and Reveals, what are your favorites?
"Silent Hill 2. After watching the VHS in the Lakeview Hotel for the first time, I remember just sitting silently on my room looking at the screen for a good few minutes. To this day, SH2 is still one of my favorite games of all time, and the best…"
May 19, 2020
madking cf posted a video
Azura, Boethiah and Mephala. For the Dunmeri, The Reclamations are the true way and should be worshipped as such. The Warrior of The Reclamations seeks the favor of Them, using their artifacts to help him in his path. The Ebony Mail protects him,…
Aug 8, 2019
madking cf updated their profile photo
Aug 7, 2019
madking cf commented on madking cf's video
"Thank you Curse. It means a lot. I'll try to improve a lot with my recording and quality."
Aug 7, 2019
madking cf replied to Rojerofroriksted's discussion Where are you from
"I'm from the south of Brazil."
Aug 7, 2019
madking cf replied to Rojerofroriksted's discussion Factions you wish were joinable
"From the top of my head:
- Morag Tong
- Silver Hand
- Aldmeri Dominion
- Vigilant of Stendarr
- The Forsworn(not just Madanach's gang)
- The Temples(you could choose one deity and serve as priest on it's Temple)
I wish we could also create our own…"
Aug 7, 2019
madking cf replied to Curse's discussion What names have you given your enchanted gear?
"I'm really bad at naming my creations :(
The last one I remember was a sword with Absorb Magicka & Soul Trap which I named Soulripper."
Aug 7, 2019
madking cf replied to Curse's discussion What system(s) do you play Skyrim on?
"I currently play Skyrim SE for PC. I used to play the normal edition but holy hell, CTDs were driving me crazy. Now with SE I usually play for 3-4 hours without crashing. I run about 100+ mods. Depending on what type of character I'm playing I might…"
Aug 7, 2019
madking cf posted a video
This is the first video I ever made. The quality is not that good, I was actually only testing if I was capable to record footage somewhat in a decent way 'cause I' play on laptop. I'll try to record other videos from now on with a better…
Aug 7, 2019

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