3758366053?profile=RESIZE_400xFollowing up from our last feature on Shadon's Chameleon, this week I've chosen to highlight another alchemically-themed build in JustJam's The Blackmarsh Doctor! This excerpt from the build's introduction really sets the mood for delving into the mind and mechanics of this Argonian necromancer.

"There’s something so beautiful about the swirling green hues of this toxin, isn’t there? How such deadliness can be held in but a small glass prison? It’s almost mesmerizing.

Yes yes, I can see the fear evident behind your eyes. You need not worry, dear, the process will be quick- like feeling the little pinch of a needle going into your arm.

Once this uncomfortable bit of business is over you will be brought back. Brought back without hunger, without thirst, without any mortality to drag you down. It sounds promising, doesn’t it? A world where Arkay’s laws need not exist, a paradise where we all live without this binding mortality.

But I digress, no need to fear the sting, dear. You may wish to close your eyes- seeing your own surgery can cause unnecessary panic."

JustJam uses a range of mods like Andromeda, Wintersun, Path of the Revenant and more to really double down on the the necromantic elements of this build, creating a powerful and synergistic setup between a variety of spells, buffs and artifacts. The playstyle is rounded out with Alchemy and Destruction spells to spread all manner of poisons and ailments to the Blackmarsh Doctor's enemies. The roleplay focuses on an alchemist who treads down the path of necromancy seeking the ultimate cure to all ills, and is packed full of quests from both the base game and recommended mods which are sure to entertain over the course of your playthrough.

Having recently reached the prestigious Master rank, The Blackmarsh Doctor is well worth a read! Give it a look and don't forget to leave a comment for the author.

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  • Excellent choice! Its hard to decide which of JustJam's builds are her best as theyre all simply amazing, but the Blackmarsh Doctor is certainly a contender. 

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