ghost of new life (1)

Hey everyone, welcome to the final Character Build Showcase for 2019! Last time, I covered Pale Mane by Marin the Fox, from our very own Skyrim CB Group. 

Today, I wanted to shed light on an Event that was hosted roughly this time last year. The Sky Forge’s Secret Santa, where members would submit ideas for a build around the holiday theme and whoever was chosen from said submitters would create that build.

A certain Build from said Event truly captures not only Christmas but New Years and onwards. Created by Pixel, called the Ghost of New Life, which also has a backstory from our Story Corner.


Even in death, a second chance is never impossible. Some call him the Ghost of the New Life Festival, for he is seen often in the snowy months at the end of the year when all of Tamriel celebrates the coming new year. Though a horrid miser and humbug in life, in death he was redeemed. 

Focusing around Enai’s mods (as well as others) Pixel created a Build who not only has multiple play styles but different stages and seamlessly incorporates it all together. As well as the Roleplay which evolves with every ‘stage’, and still using those RP points in later stages so to speak. 

Ghost of New Life is unique build who changes with each stage, both Gameplay wise (Healer/Supporter -> Damage -> Illusionist/Assassin) who uses tactics from past stages and Roleplay wise. Definitely check it out guys! 

His soul, restless on Tamriel after his passing, sought a path to Aetherius. And now, his Ghost wanders the face of Tamriel to bring retribution to those who act with selfishness and greed in the hope of earning his place in the heavens, and prevent others from facing the same consequences.

Well, we’ve come a long way, don’t you think? Stay tuned for 2020 for goodies such as more Showcases, Contests and much more.

Happy holidays, everyone! 

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