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Creation Club

I was wondering everyone's thoughts on the creation club stuff released.


I do admit a lot it looks tempting (especially the cheap arcane archer pack, but four frost/fire/void salts for 10 arrows seems steep as hell crafting wise, note you can buy them two) I might get it and try another angle of an arcane archer.


I do not understand the pricing model, why are some cheaper (Stendarr's Hammer= 200 and then Ruin's Edge=400) I have no idea.


So many builds could be created relating to these new items.

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  • I haven’t looked into creation club and I don’t think I’m going to. Mainly because my computer can’t run mods and even if it could, creation club just seems so unnecessary, it’s basically milking more money from “dlcs” even after the game has been completely released. The nexus provides tons of free mods so I don’t know why any pc user would bother with creation club, it’s fine for consoles I guess
  • Teccam and I talked about this quite a lot. To me I suppose they're great for consoles, especially the PS4 version which isn't going to be allowed to have any external assets outside of the creation club mods.

    So far I'm not impressed considering the creation club was marketed as the place to find DLC quality add ons. I guess I took that to mean new quests not unlike dragonborn or dawnguard.

    At the same time I'm perfectly content with the nearly limitless mods available for skyrim legendary edition on the PC. I feel no incentive to explore the special edition or the creation club.
  • Sorry for necro-posting. The creation club actually has pretty good content these days. It’s worth checking out for anyone still undecided. 


    • Any thread still open is fair game. Necro-post away.

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