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Fallout 76 - What is it & what do we know so far...

So many new things to take in from the newest Fallout 76 trailer. I was a bit skeptical about this game at first but now I'm starting to come around. Between the trailer and the follow up interview with Todd Howard revealing yet more details, I'm getting pretty excited. Here's what we know so far. 

Release Date - November 14, 2018

What we know so far.....

-Fallut 76 has officially been confirmed as a Multiplayer Game. You may play on your own but it's still an MMO Survival game, so there is no offline single player mode. You will still see other players when you are logged into the game. 

-The player instancing supposedly works in a similar manner to destiny, for those of you who are familiar. You'll only encounter about 10-20 people in whatever server instance you're dropped into. 

-Supposedly there are no human NPC's aside from robots.

-Modding will be present although not available at launch. Remains to be seen how they will impliment this....

- PvP is still being tweaked, likely so its not the bug fest we've come to expect from Bethesda titles.

- Private servers will happen! Which is great for those who just want to play with a dedicated select group of friends or apply whatever mods they want to the game world. Or if you're that desperate to enjoy a single player experience you can have a private server just for yourself. 

-West Virginia is officlaly confirmed to be the location, and will be 4 times the size of Fallout 4's map

-Teams of players may fight each other for survival and resources. And hey, crazy idea, bad pitch. Wanna help me hunt down some Tamriel Vault members? 

-A plethroa of new creatures to fight. Some are quite different from the beasts we've come to know from previous fallout games. This may be due to the fact that the game's time is set just 20 years after the bombs fell. 


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  • This video sums up precisely what is wrong with FO76: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bktTzS55Row

  • Essentially, this game is a cool idea, but it will suffer from the same problem as Communism: Human nature. 

    If everyone would play nice and have fun together and only kill one another in agreed upon areas or faction wars, that'd totally work, but nobody will do that. You'll be running around doing quests and having fun, and then you'll get nuked or shot in the back of the head and have to start over again.
    • A bit bleak don’t you think? Won’t private servers alleviate most of these concerns?

      • A fair few, but certainly not all. The main concern at this point is the whole "No NPCs" thing.

        That is definitely bad news.

        • I agree on the npc thing. We can only hope modders com to the rescue as always 

  • All I can say is that ESO was, um, fun at first, but had innumerable flaws. Zeni started slow but really have done a great job building the game up--not just new content but different kinds of content, new gameplay mechanics, all kinds of stuff. All based on feedback. Not unlike other MMOs, but only a few companies have shown an ability to respond effectively to their communities and Zeni is one of them. (Dont @ me)

    My point is that the game at launch will likely be vastly inferior to what it looks like 18-24 months later.  It won't have a ton of story content, human NPCs, this thing, that thing..but if a large part of the community wants it, and the game is doing well, they will probably build it. That's what has happened (to some extent) with ESO.

    My bigger concern is whether the resources it takes to maintain and expand this game drains BGS' ability to focus on the single-player games I really care about. I suspect it's an entirely different team that's doing FO76, at least I hope so.

  • Apparently griefing won't be possible, 

    • You mean to tell me my dream of head shotting Deebs from across the map and dancing on his still fresh corpse will never become a reality?!?

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