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Favorite Elder Scrolls Historical Figure

Meet the Character – Abnur Tharn - The Elder Scrolls Online

Many important figures have shaped the history of Tamriel. Today we discuss which one(s) are our favorites and why. There's a front page poll to this topic as well, though bear in mind theres no way one could fit every figure of importance into one poll. So if you dont see your favorite up there be sure to mention them here.

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    • His elven name was Torval, I believe. Topal bay was renamed to such by the Imperials, IIRC. A fascinating character, the first to document Tamriel's geography.

      The Camoran Usurper was always confusing and murky to me. Information from different sources doesn't really mesh that well, so it's not easy to get a cohesive picture of the dude. Can't ever remember if he's related to Mankar Camoran or not.

      • I think he is related, or Mankar took on the name. But yeah, Torval also noted Orcs existed even though this was supposedly pre-Malacath

  • Jimmy Neutron. He's my favourite TES histrotical figure... him & Vivec.

  • Its close for me between Indoril Nerevar and Vahlok the Jailer. The have the great Elderscolls lore "problem" of having mythological characters that may have been great or terrible but they also are strange twists on it. They are unique characters that feel like they came from Tamriel organically when compared to the more Roman or Norse style characters. 

  • Maiq the liar

  • This dude.


    Not just any of them tho, the first Fox. The human that managed to steal from a literal goddess (I would even say one of the most powerful) and lived to tell the tale.

    There is a bonus character that it shouldn't be here (yet, we'll see after TES VI comes out) but I do think Nelacar deserves a spot. I don't know how many mortals were able to succesfully tweak a Daedric artifact and live to tell the tale. Not only that, but the tweak on the Azura's Star was actually an upgrade, and that gives him extra points of awesomeness.

  • My favorite historical character would have to go to Kagrenac. Doesn't really matter to me if he was evil or not, he was cool.

  • Pelinal Whitestrake, because who doesn't love a gosh darn Crusader. AND he kills Daedra Worshippers? Even better.

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