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Favorite Food in Skyrim?

I'm sure we've seen just about every last type of food you can see in Skyrim (barring mods of course). They all range from meats to sweets, and give different effects. They don't look all that good, but with mods, you can make some of these foods look absolutely delectable.

So yea, short and sweet question: Is there any food in Skyrim you'd absolutely LOVE to try in real life if you got the chance?


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  • I don’t pay attention to food or drinks much in Skyrim so I don’t know much, but I’d definitely like to try sweet rolls. It’ll be interesting to see this craze about sweet rolls. Other than that, I like baked potatoes, cooked beef, beef stew, clam chowder, apple pie, salmon, etc. You know, some of the normal food you’ll see around restaurants.
  • Forgot to comment on my personal favorite: Horker Meat.

    It reminds me of Bacon. *yum*

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    • Huh, you know if I didn't know any better I'd guess your favorite food would be Nord Mead.

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  • I am personally agog that no one has taken the mushrooms and a jug of milk and modded cream of mushroom soup yet. 

    • You'd need salt pile and garlic too, possibly some leeks if you're really going to do it right. 

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