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Favorite side character

So I have a question for all of you. What is your favorite side character in the world of TES or Fallout? I am talking about characters that don't appear in the main quest and their interaction is completely optional.

From TES my favorite is Calcelmo. I just love his quests and his wedding was an awesome little moment in the game.

From Fallout my favorite is the Abernathy family. I know that it's multiple characters (three) but I just love them. They don't have much outside of their one quest but I always make their farm my main base.

So who is your favorite?

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  • Neloth! Hands down my favourite character in Skyrim!



    • I think he even appears in Morrowind, tho I might me mistaken.

      • He does.


  • I second that. Neloth is the man.

  • Elder Scrolls - Divayth Fyr. Absolute badass suited up in Daedric armor, artifact collecting sorcerer.

    Fallout - Charon. Not only an awesome companion but the way he "quits" is the most memorable moment for me for any character.

    • I have to agree with Charon. I like his character. I think he's quite similar to Worm from GoT.

  • Does J'zargo count? That cat's totally hilarious, man. Hahaha

    • Of course he does.

  • Kodlak. He had very few lines, yet was so likeable.

    • True, a lot of character building with him in so little time.

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