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Is Fallout 76 Good?

I realize there's a ton of different opinions on Bethesda Game Studios' new game, FO76. Opinions range from "it's awesome" to "it's Bethesda's worst game," and I wanted to here some of the Forge members' opinions on the game in general. Share, discuss, and debate your opinions. 

Please don't get too heated though. It is, of course, just a game.

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    • You have a fair point. I think the idea was for players to engage in a heavy roleplaying DnD style experience, but the reality of it is that most people aren't going to do that, and it's this reality that Bethesda ignored. It's ambitious, I'll give them that. And it'd be very fun if the community took it and ran with it, but they haven't yet and as far as I can see they won't. 

      • Hopefully they will eventually give you the option for a private server or something along those line where you can do just that 

  • I got it for free so I can’t complain. 

  • But yeah, overall, I enjoy the game. Its fun, especially with friends. I DO kind of wish there were a few more merchants,  but yeah. Also, a great place to farm is Whitesprings. Beware, for you may get buttfucked by Ferals and Radscorpions

    • I know a few places to farm on the Xbox if people would get behind the roleplay element more there would be vendors 


  • I returned my copy. Normally I am willing to stick it out and that is especially true with new multiplayer games. But 76 is a mess that left me feeling cheated. 



  • Ok so I got some spare change left over from Chrismas and Im debating getting this. Has FO76 improved any since launch?

    • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but actually ... it's gotten worse. It's even worse than the BETA. The bugs are just ... too much for most people. I'd save your money until Bethesda gets their $h1t together. 

      • That’s too bad. I was really hoping for them to have fixed things by now. 

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