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Let's have a Character Building Event/Challenge!!!

With summer already here and covid to keep us inside, there is plenty of time to play Skyrim. Unlike the last contest, this event will have no cash prizes, only street cred, and winners will be determined by number of likes or a poll.

Let's start this discussion by talking about possible themes for the event, or any challenges that each of us must undertake.

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  • I always watch events closely, and one day I'd like to have a go myself. When is the next one likely to start?

    • I got the next big contest slated for august 1

  • Idk if it's already been done or not, but an "Against the Grain" or "Breaking the Mold" kind of theme where your build should go against racial stereotypes could be neat . Ex: orc thief, Nord mage, redguard necromancer, etc. 


  • I have never really tried a "support" character before and would be interested in how people make them a viable build.  You know where the pc is not actually the hero he just backs up a companion and guides him/her to glory.  I imagine you would need a Restoration heavy build and take time picking your "champion".  Smithing & Enchanting would be required to buff up your heroes equipment.

    • This sounds interesting.. brilliant idea.

    • Been awhile since I've seen a dedicated support build. Would be nice

      • I'm also a fan of the idea, I've wanted to dive into a support heavy character for some time now. That's 4 people that like this theme so we may have an easy consensus? 

    • Nice idea, this could be a good theme to see a lot of new bard builds...

    • I've also got an idea for this, though not sure it'll work. Would be interesting to try, though.

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