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Let's have a Character Building Event/Challenge!!!

With summer already here and covid to keep us inside, there is plenty of time to play Skyrim. Unlike the last contest, this event will have no cash prizes, only street cred, and winners will be determined by number of likes or a poll.

Let's start this discussion by talking about possible themes for the event, or any challenges that each of us must undertake.

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  • I suggest a few themes:

    Characters based off of real world people. dead or alive. Can be done immersively or comedically I suppose.

    "Don't judge a book by its cover" where you would use a non traditional class/race/equipment combo.

  • What about characters based on daedric artifacts/quest rewards? (Example: a character named "the hammer of might", and he/she is a wielder of volendrung)

    • Discord? For a group chat for the event.

  • Why not start as a begger, you will be scrawny, disheveled and filthy.  Due to malnourishment you cannot wear heavy armour nor wield 2hd weapons and your maximum carry weight is half of what it actually says.  Change the destiny of this poor wretch !

    Whatever you decide to play the begger as ( a bitter old man, who becomes an actual Muder Hobo ;-)  Or a former Imperial Captain disgraced and betrayed by his superiors...)  you have to feed him/her up over a few weeks.  Build up their health so they can wear heavier gear and increase their maximum encumberance.

      I would visit the "face sculptor" every so often and improve his hair & complexion. (I can't recall if you can change the body size or not..)


    • The more I think about this concept the more I like it...

    • I like the spirit of this very much. I think having a rags to riches theme would be a lot of fun, but we'd probably have to go easy on rules and regulations to increase participation. What if the theme was to make a character who has a normal occupation (miner, chef, courier, etc.) and they shift into a capable adventurer, where there tactics and aesthetic are inspired by their old life.

    • Discord? For a group chat for the event.

  • I've been searching in the wiki for weeks and I've found Skyrim has a lot of interesting deep lore. I'm talking about the Ice Tribes, the vampire clans within Skyrim aside of the Volkihars such as the Wittestadr, the influence of the werewolves which is much more important in Skyrim than in any other region, the Eastmarch and Haafingar lore added by ESO, the stories behind Blackreach and the Aetherium Wars... and with the coming of the Graymoor expansion to ESO it seems reasonable to make an event around the concept of the dark heart of Skyrim


    • I like that idea a lot. Maybe a pretty open theme where submissions concern very dark and gritty characters would be nice.

  • I have a pretty lengthy list of character build contest themes saved somewhere, but I'd like to keep the list a secret so as not to ruin the suspense. What I would like to gather though are thoughts and opinions on what Im calling Character Build Challenges. I tried this before - challenged players to create a viable Skull of Corruption build. The artifact is widely regarded as being the weakest artifact the game offers, and Belisaurus managed to make a wonderfully effective and thematic build surrounding the infamous staff. That and more are the sort of creative works I hope to see come out of such an challenge. 

    In fact here's a link to his build. 

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