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Do you Murderhobo?

For the unfamiliar, the term "Murderhobo" refers to a (Typically D&D, though it's applicable to all RPGs IMO) homeless player character who goes around indiscriminately killing and looting the world that they're a part of. In Skyrim, I'd say this can

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5 Replies · Reply by Marook Mar 9, 2020

TES: Dynamic Movement

I was briefly wondering about this earlier and thought I'd throw the idea up here. Although I rather doubt it will happen, how would you all feel if TES VI brought a more dynamic movement system to the Elder Scrolls. What I mean by that is, for examp

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9 Replies · Reply by Chris Diokno Apr 18, 2019

TES Discussion - Rank the Races

Hey guys, Blacklight here.

We all have a preference for one or two races in the TES world. I want to know what your top races are and perhaps a brief description of why. Here is my list:


1) Altmer. I love their snobby attitude and also I love magic

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