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What games do you play besides TES and Fallout?

Other than the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, what games are you guys interested in? I don't play as many games as I used to, but other than Skyrim, I still play Minecraft and League of Legends. I primarily play League of Legends, followed by Minecraft with friends, and then Skyrim when I have some time by myself. I still have to boot up Oblivion and Morrowind to give them a try.



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  • Its been pretty much constant Skyrim and ESO for me. Lately I've been replaying the Mass Effect series now that Ive bought Andromeda. 

    • Not sure what Andromeda is and I was never interested in Mass Effect, but I would really love to try ESO. Sadly I can't pay for it, nor can my toaster run it. I can barely run Skyrim on the lowest settings. 

      • Im curious what the specs are on your computer. I may know of some ini tweaks as well as some mods that can drastically improve performance even on potatos. 

        • You know what I found out about Andromeda's development? According to several sources, including former animators, Bioware Montreal was tasked with doing the game, and they basically asked EA "Hey guys, can we get a few more months, you know, just to iron out the game, fix any flaws, yah know?" and EA was like "NO! Release it on this date, and give us them monies!"

        • Not sure if this is what you're asking for or if this reveals any private information but here you go lmao


          • What kind of graphics card does your computer have? You can find out by going into 'Device Manager' and checking under 'Display Adapter'. And also nothing up there qualifies as private information.  Theyre just computer specs. 

            • My graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 5500

              • Well you're right, you definitely cant run Andromeda, but your computer is definitely good enough to run Skyrim smoothly. Your specs are superior to my computer and I can run skyrim at 60 FPS. Granted to do so I have a slew of mods that improve performance and I've also made some tweaks to the .ini files. 

                • Any suggestions? I tried Special Edition but my computer couldn't run it. It felt choppy and slow so I went back to the normal version.

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