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Poll: Pirates of Tamriel event

With judging concluding today, and the winners being announced, it's time to hear your opinions!

What was your favorite build and why? What stood out to you? What do you think would make for a good event theme next time around? Discuss below!

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  • Besides my own build :). Definitely The Sea of Ghost Siren for me

  • My personal favorites were the Dead Tide and Pirate Queen. The former because its Barbossa in Skyrim and what could be more awesome. The latter because I can just imagine a hastily assembled crew consisting of a vampire, an inn keeper, a fugitive, and a jester launching a hare-brained scheme to take on the Imperial Navy, and it just sounds so much fun. 

  • Oh the sea ghost for sure 

    • Never wanted to play an Argonian before and honestly never really thought I would. The only time I've ever played one was the very first time I played Oblivion. The Sea of Ghosts Siren has seriously made me reconsider playing a scale back, it was just a very awesome and unique take on an Argonian Character.

  • Favorite Builds would have to be the Pirate Queen - really love recreating the crew - and I’m stuck between the Sea of Ghost Sirens (I love the mythology around Sirens), and the Sea Ghost - really love the no crafting but not being restrained gear wise

  • Ah man, you ask very hard questions. The builds presented for this contest were well thought out and each of them offered something to the contest table. We had everything from Barbossa in Skyrim to sea-faring Orcs, so lots of variety. I think it takes a lot of courage to put out there for all to see how you play the game, knowing full well that people won't always agree with how you do things. The Sea of Ghost Siren had some very interesting ideas as did the Cutthroat, and I laughed at the Angler. What I especially like was that the contest didn't turn into a scimitar arrrrgggh fest, but instead, there was a lot of creativity. 

    I know a theme. Lol, VANILLA! See if our mod addicts can go back to basics. Just teasing. I love mods, I miss my Morrowloot and Requiem terribly since I've been confined to PS4. Hmm, an overhaul theme would be interesting. PS4 has two, The Great Immersion Overhaul and Yash2lite. I'd personally love to see someone tackle Requiem or Yash proper. 

    • Do not curse me with Vnailla perk trees, befowled demon! I smitith thee with the Holy Septor of EnaiSiaion! May the wrath of the Lord of Ordinator ever be upon you.



      • *Stages an intervention for Pixel*

        • *Scoffs at the Vanilla peasant presuming to intervene in the affairs of the Modded nobility*

    • Oh believe me I have a lot of challenge events centered on the vanilla game to throw out there. 

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