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Poll: What is your favorite playstyle?

Many of us have been playing this game since, launch, likely rolling character after character to keep our enjoyment going. This week, I'm asking if you have a favorite playstyle, or at least, one you find yourself gravitating towards more often than the others?

Do you play lots of mages perhaps? What ways have you found to keep your witches and wizards just as magical as the first time? Or perhaps rogues are more your style? Not bored of sneak archering everything to death yet? why? Maybe you like playing as a powerful warrior? Thinking is overrated anyway. It's a video game; just kick back and hit the bad guy until they fall over. 

Let me know what appeals to you most and why!

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  • Generally I go with the "fight, then run away style", but if I had to choose :)...

    Two handed with heavy armour, although I have 2hd characters in light or just clothing too.  I just started an Orc shamen/Warpriest style char and I  am enjoying the playthru & aesthetic ( no weapons apart from Bound battle axe and spells, light armour, actually Forsworn gear atm)

  • I’ll usually start with the Paladin build out of the gate (Heavy Armor, Shield, Sword, Restoration support) until i feel comfortable and leveled up a bit.. Usually find myself switching towards a Two Handed Barbarian build from there, before ultimately turning into a full Mage in Heavy Armor.. 

    As in life, i’ve noticed doing the same thing for too long tends to get quite boring, so i’ll switch it up when possible.. Which has become ever so easy with Skyrim abandoning the classic archtype system of Morrowind and Oblivion

  • Warrior, by far, preferably Two-Handed. I think I'm addicted to Great Critical Charge, if it wasn't for that perk I'd probably explore other character types.

  • I've had a change of heart and now I really love mages. 

  • Sneak archers are my best playstyle

  • Battlemages, or spellswords, I just love the feel of swinging an axe or sword, sometimes a mace, while also blasting out spells. Also duelists, cause speedy swordplay

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