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  • I think we know which will win...

  • I chose Valenwood, I just like the idea of lush trees and vast jungles to explore. It's perfect for a ranger/assassin setting, Black Marsh would be good as well.

    • Valenwood would be a great one. I want villages on top of trees that move!

  • I'd like the next game to be set in elswyre. We know so little about khajiit culture and the many forms they come in. A game set within dense jungles and desert badlands would be a refreshing change of pace from the snowy tundras of Skyrim.
  • At the same time, while I'd love to see Bethesda expand on Elsweyr and Khajiit culture, I think they've found their "thing" with Skyrim and Oblivion in the comparatively lower fantasy worlds than in Morrowind (which would also be the case for the Dominion provinces and Black Marsh in terms of being very weird, vague, and much higher fantasy), so I would put money on Hammerfell or High Rock being the next one. Honestly, I would still love to see the Bretons but I feel they also wouldn't be done a lot of justice, because their culture is much more elven, but we haven't heard a lot from them lately. 

  • My true dream location is Yokuda, but since that's about as likely as Akavir, I'll stick with a Cyrodiilic province instead. I think the Summerset Isles would be a cool location. The descriptions of the architecture and geography/flora/fauna are all cool.

    But really anywhere new would be awesome. I wouldn't be surprised if they set it in a human homeland though, to appeal to the casual audience. High Rock or Hammerfell I could see, even though they've already featured (partly) in Daggerfall. And I think Argonia and Elsweyr are least likely, despite how cool they both could be, since the natives are the least human. The only way I could see either of those as the next game is if there is a heavy Imperial presence due to the shifting political climate.

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    • Pretty good points you made there. Definitely agree that they did a terrible job making the civil war as grand as it should have been.

      If you ever gain access to pc mods you should definitely try these two mods: civil war overhaul and warzones 2015. The former makes it so you can actually lost the civil war and unlocks a lot of cut content related to the civil war quest line. The latter adds grand battles that take place all over skyrim.
  • I suspect TES6 will not be confined to just one province. The next generation can handle a lot more than the old consoles could. Maybe there will be a huge continent wide map?

    • I ultimately hope for that. If eso is doing it then why not the next elder scrolls game?
      • The limitation I see that would prevent them from doing this is the amount of content they would have to create to fill such a huge space. They either have tons of uninspired dungeons or spend an enormous amount of time making smaller places special like they did for most of Skyrim.

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