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  • Well I am not a writer, I'd never even heard of those terms before.  As I understand it an Architect style, is where you have the story all mapped out in great detail and just have to guide the characters along their plotlines.  Discovery is where you have a basic plotline but, the characters are so well developed that you push them towards the plot and you just write what happens. 

    Discovery sounds harder to me as you need to write what the characters would do and not what you want them to !? 

    As the only writing I have done is for gaming scenarios/Dungeon crawls, I would have to call that "the sad architect" style!  ( you watch as the players go off on a tangent, thus avoiding all your carefully planned set-pieces :P

  • Gah, I don't know. Probably leaning more towards Discovery with regard to characters, but Architect when it comes to world-building. 

    I write on my computer. 

  • Could you elaborate on the difference between architect and discovery?

    • Architect is mapping out everything before writing it, and discovery is just vibing and figuring out what you want it to be while you write it.

  • When I'm doing world building I go with architect, since the world building has the most potential for plot holes. I go with discovery for characters because gaps in logic in character building can be fixed much easier than gaps in logic for world building. I always go for computer when I'm writing out descriptions and characters. For drafts webs, and maps I go with paper. It's easier to sketch maps since I don't have a drawing tablet, and idea webs don't work out too well on computers. I go with computer for everything else since I make a hell of a lot of grammar mistakes even though english is my first language. 

  • 1. I would go with a discovery writer as planning things out for me just makes the writing itself pretty boring since your just writing the plan again with slightly more details. But, if I was new to writing and didn't know what to do, I would not be asking other people for this one. Everyone is different, so I would write a different short story with the two methods and see which one fits me the best.

    2. Computer by far. If you make a mistake you can just just go back and delete it instead of erasing or crossing it out on paper where it will leave a mark on the paper. Also, it is a lot faster.

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