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Skyrim Survival Mode

As Survival mode is out and currently free for all consoles (for this week anyway, I would advise you pick it up ASAP), I was wondering if anyone has any tips to share? It seems like it makes some armors more viable than others due to warmth rating (though, not exactly as you would think, it appears to be based more on the aesthetics of armor such as if it includes fur or not). I was wondering what playstyles would be fun too, I am thinking of giving a wandering mage a go. 

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  • I don’t think my computer will be able to handle survival mode, but it does look fun.
  • You probably want to go with warm light armor so you're still somewhat well protected but not so easily over encumbered. The extra pockets perks likely going yo be immensely valuable as will the steed stone for less weight and more storage.
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