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So, how old are you?

I’ve always been curious what the age distribution of our community looks like. So I’m curious to know how old everyone is. You can give a ball park figure if the question makes you feel uneasy. 

Btw I’m 32.

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  • Eyy! I'm 21.

  • 19 over here. 

  • 21

  • 24

  • Nearly 27.

  • 39 and a half.  Turn 40 in January.  Now get off my lawn whipper snappers!  :)

    • You get off my lawn! *waves walking stick in air as she sits in her rocker drinking Geritol*

      I'm 42. 

      • Dag nabbit.  

  • I’m 30 going on 31 in 2 weeks.

  • Almost 29. Interestinf question curse. I've been curious about this as well. 

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