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TES: Dynamic Movement

I was briefly wondering about this earlier and thought I'd throw the idea up here. Although I rather doubt it will happen, how would you all feel if TES VI brought a more dynamic movement system to the Elder Scrolls. What I mean by that is, for example, something closer to Assassin's Creed games or the like, in which your character has the option to climb objects or slide under them. Perhaps there would be an acrobatics tree reintroduced that would include the abilitiy to scale full walls rather than just scramble up smaller objects or something like that. It's not really something that's ever been a part of Bethesda games at all. How would you feel if they were to incorporate it? How should it be implemented? 

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  • I mean it’s 2019 and I still can’t climb a ladder in a Betheada game. I’m not expecting much improvement in terms of dynamic movement.

    New things I’d like to see include jumping attacks and  climbing. But those are pretty much pipe dreams.id settle for vanilla animations that don’t look so derpy and stupid.

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    • I'd like to see some combat animations, particularly sword animations, that emphasizes actual skill rather than just throwing side strikes out constantly. Maybe even animations that improve in terms of how skillful they look every 20 levels in that skill or something. Could be neat.

      • Maybe even determined by the style of blade, or the like. Like maybe if they have rapiers or katanas, then maybe use movesets similar to fencing or kenjutsu, maybe add some iaitos in there

        • yeah different animations for different weapon subcatgories would be nice.

          • Ooh,.maybe something like grappling hooks/rope darts or a "Blink" like spelli

        • Yeah that sounds like a really clever idea. It’s too bad it will likely be up to a modded to implement. 

  • Aside from possible parkour, I'd like to be able to like, deflect projectiles, like spells

  • Anyone who knows what I’m about with mods know that I collect animation mods obsessively. I like to use Fnis PCEA2 to splice together animations to create unique movement styles for each of my characters.

    The ability to customize your characters movements would be an amazing addition to the next game and a wonderful RP enhancing tool. 

    My biggest gripe with Skyrim is that no matter my chatacter’s fighting discipline or training they all swing a sword, raise a shield, and throw a punch the same way. It’s quite immersion  breaking.

    • Speaking of that, I'd really like to see more martial arts in the game. I mean, we all know they exist, albeit most are from the Khajiit

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