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Now, a good twist, or reveal, in any piece of media, whether it be a book, a show, a movie, or even games, can really hook you in, or shock you. This is especially true if there was foreshadowing beforehand that you may see differently, either in hindsight, or on another playhthrough. Whether it be the classic "Would you kindly" within Bioshock, to perhaps the reveal of who your player character within Knights of the Old Republic 1 REALLY is, what are some of your favorites, and why?

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  • Talking to Nazara (Sovereign) in the first Mass Effect game is probably still my favorite. The mission seems to be going well up until that point, then the scope is suddenly increased, and all the world-building up to that point takes a very dark turn.

    • Agreed, especially when you see him up close and personal, and you're like "Whoa" For me it was the ending of ME2, where you see the whole Fleet of Reapers just awaken

    • This is 1st one I thought of. That whole conversation with Soverign alone gives you a clear indication just how powerful and dangerous the Reapers are and leaves you wondering how on earth you're going to stop them.

  • Bioshock Infinite is a good one for me.

    Also, not so much twists as just strong endings, but a few of my favorites are Red Dead 2, The Last of Us, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

    • Agreed, Infinite had a good reveal, and yeah, those three games had excellent endings

  • Silent Hill 2. After watching the VHS in the Lakeview Hotel for the first time, I remember just sitting silently on my room looking at the screen for a good few minutes. To this day, SH2 is still one of my favorite games of all time, and the best storytelling I ever witnessed on a video game.

    • I gotta agree, there's so many vids analyzing the symbolism behind Silent Hill 2, but yeah, SH2 was amazing


    This game really susprises me with a super cool storyline. I love how it turned out that Celebrimbir was lying to Talion about being able to free him from life and was just using him to become the Bright Lord and get to Sauron, and how he became corrupt in the end, and when Talion became a nazgul.

    Really that whole damn game was a great story reveal moment.

    • Agreed, I was like "Whoah". It was also really damn fun

  • Playing Halo CE the first time on the Mission "343 guilty spark".

    The build up to the introduction of the flood and fate of the Marines was just really well done.

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