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What is better?

To be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? A wise dragon asked me this not too long before I killed him. I'm curious to see your thoughts on this philosophical question.  

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  • Equally good, if you ask me. However, this has awoken another question in my mind.
    Would Alduin be able to overcome his hunger if he had as much time to cool off from the war as Paarthurnax had?
    • Alduin started off as an arrogant prick. Paarthurnax wasn't really an arrogant prick, he just followed Alduin like every other dragon out there.

  • I agree with Ty, you can't necessarily be born good. You grow up and learn the difference between good and evil. But instead of overthinking this, I'm just going to take the question at face value. I believe that it's better to be born good because if you're born good then you wouldn't have to go through all the evils and hardship. You grow up surrounded by good values and helping others. You will be liked more, so as a person, it's better born good. But on the flip side, if you are born evil and overcome that, you will be stronger as a person. Even though others won't receive you as well, you've been through the dark and you know all the suffering and pain. It's kind of like a double edged sword because you've been through the darkness before so you can be stronger and never succumb to darkness again or you may overcome the evil within you but succumb to it again. But I believe that if you've been through it and became good, you are definitely stronger as a person. So it's between how people receive you and inner strength. I happen to care a lot about what others think so I prefer the former.
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