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  • The choice was relatively easy for me: Bosmer. These little elves often get locked into a single archer stereotype, but I think that they have a much more versetile ability set and can make for some really interesting characters. The idea of the Green Pact and whether your particular Bosmer adheres to it or not is a really fascinating roleplaying element, and if you want to get into Bosmer lore with roleplaying, the Wild Hunt brings in some really interesting elements.

    Bosmer have such a rich lore, and I really wish a bit more of it was represented in the game and the way they play there. I love the addition of the ability to fit your Bosmer character with horns and suchlike in The Elder Scrolls: Online. I've had a ton of fun with Bosmer characters in the past, so I'd say they're my favorite playable race. 

    • I hear you on the archer stereotype. It’s so tempting to focus on archery whenever I roll a Bosmer character. 

  • Each race definitely has it's advantages and gets preference depending on what kind of char I want to make. 


    I feel like I find myself choosing a Nord most often in Skyrim though. You can create some neat aesthetics and lore friendly names for them sound meat to me. There also isn't a singular stereotype for them. You see Nords using a variety of weapons and even magic throughout the game. There are also nord werewolves and vampires.  plus something about a nord dragon born just feels right. It lets me feel like my character isn't out of place. 

  • I can never give a single answer on this question but I can say my favorite race lore stories come from Imperial, Redguard, Breton, and Bosmer lore.

    Dunmer, Nords, Argonian, and Khajiit have never really captured me too much. Made builds with them all but nothing too catching.

    Altmer and Orc are really fun to play and I like their history.

    If I had to pick one that I play the most? Probably Imperial. Badasses from the Heartland.

  • Until few months ago I probably would had reply to this with a sincere and straight "DUNMER!"

    At least until I modded skyrim for the first time and installed the "become a bard" mod.

    I love these roleplay character so much! 

    I picked a Nord for that and I think I just slayed few wolves in the entire playthrought. 

    Nords has a loot of songs about Skyrim, so I was just giving them a shot in a "not viking" like char. 

    I have to say thanks to Lydia to have killed a load of people to save my sweet voice that keep singing her adventures around Skyrim! 

    Inspire yours fellas with a good tune and they can do anything!

  • Looking at the poll it seems Nords have come from behind and emerged as this community's favorite race. 

  • Mechanically, my favorite race is the Breton. I love playing characters that have a potent defense, and few races lend itself so strongly to this as the Breton, who boasts resistance to every armored player’s bane – magic. However, I believe the race I have played most is the Khajiit. I don’t really possess a strong explanation for this outside the fact that my second character was a heavily armored Khajiit named Frisk.

  • For me I think Imperials are the first race because all its lore (conflicts and plotery...), also I find them representative as a culture, If you ask me about Colovian or Nibenense I would say Colovian,

    the second race is Dunmer I really find them interesting, their folk culture and their internal plotery and how every Dunmer House have their own purpose even the Ashlander tribes have strong conviction on their lives,

    the third one is Nord and Bosmer (both on the same step as a third race I like), I like their sense of "freedom" and their folk culture is interesting too

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    • I agree that the Colovians are more interesting.

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