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What names have you given your enchanted gear?

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Arguably among the most enjoyable part of crafting in Skyrim is getting to slap a custom name on your enchanted gear. So, I'm curious to know what kind of cool, interesting, or absurd names you've come up with. 

 I'll be back in a bit to share some of mine. 

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  • Silver Greatsword with fire and absorb health enchantments: Stendarr's Mercy

    Ebony Warhammer with shock and frost enchantments: Shor's Fist

    Dragonbone Battleaxe with chaos damage enchantment: Krendov (Dragon Breaker)

  • I really love giving my gear either very metal or really ridiculous names.

    some of my favourites include:

    • Blade of mortal bane
    • crescent boon of malice
    • Heretics magled visage
    • Hangman´s tender
    • Black Iron Clutches
    • Devourerer of Souls
    • nope-stick(wooden sword with banish daedra/turn undead)
    • RelAxe (axe with paralasis)
    • 1000 degree knife vs You (knife with 1000 fire damage(exploit))
    • "Oblivion was the best tes game!" (frenzy(mod) 100 seconds/ chaos damage)
  • Even if it sounds kinda lame, I tend to not just enchant some piece of gear will-i nill-i. I always take a black soul gem, trap the soul of a named NPC within and only then do I use it for an enchantment for, say, a weapon, calling the weapon after the guy I stole the soul from.

    For armour, my naming convention differs somewhat. I usually call my armour pieces whatever I call my class/build that I made (in 99% of cases it's some nodded armour anyway). As in: Engineer's Greaves, Noxious Hood, Necromancer's Gloves and so on.

    • I do what you do alot with my custom enchanted armor. If it doesnt actually have a custom enchantment I use Jaxonz Renamer to give my armor custom names. I go even further and give my alchemical concoctions custom names. 

      • Interesting.

        For personal immersion reasons, I've been calling my potions in Oblivion custom names. I would create stamina potions from apples and call it 'Apple Juice' and so on.

  • I think my favorite created by my Khajiit was the "Fur slippers of warm tootsies", every now and then she would donate a pair to the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.

  • The Ypsilon blade. Almost my every sword is named that.

  • Hello Friends! What sword is that on the picture? I know there's a two handed and one handed version of that. Please help

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