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  • I desperately desire mods that overhaul the appearance of the soul cairn and apocrypha. 

  • A mod that changes the archery physics so they are more intuitive

    • My biggest pet peeve is when I try to snipe someone from an elevated position and the arrow bounces back like I hit a wall in front of me, even though I have a totally clear shot.

  • A Dark Brotherhood ESO armor mod. With high and meticulous details, it would be one of the best looking armor mods. 

  • I would love a mod that makes it easier to place objects on shelves, tables, etc. I want to decorate my homes with some of the cool loot I've picked up along the way, but dropping items and then trying to place them is a major pain-in-the-a**!!!

    • agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To be able to take your adopted kids out hunting with you, but have them flee if anything too scary shows up :)

    • Improved Adoptions kind of help

  • A mod that makes Mysticsm a magic school again. 

  • Mods exploring forgotten details in Skyrim world, such as Reyda and Narfi... it could make a nice minor quest to discover Reyda's fate.

    Also, more mods in other lands of Tamriel. Beyond Skyrim Bruma and Moonpath to Elsweyr are pretty nice, but I would like visiting Black Marsh, Valenwood, etc

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