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Where are you from

I was on the discord group today and saw conversations at 4am my time and then it hit me most of ye guys aren't from Ireland like me so I'm just wondering where are ye guys from. 


*if you aren't comfortable commenting your home country just say a continent

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        • And here I thought Louisiana was humid 

          • Oh we breathe thick air here, Curse. 


  • hello everyone

    this one is from Australia

    But really is from Riften (don't judge me) but where else can you get cheap housing?


  • Good ole Michigan USA

  • Washington state, US.

  • The Empire State, New York. Not the city tho. Small town upstate called Rosendale. 


  • I’m from Yakima Washington in the usa

  • I am from Germany.

  • Southern New Hmpshire in good 'ol New England. Pretty solid here, I like the cold and the summer doesn't get too hot in the mountains but we still get lots of sun so I'm happy. If I could move anywhere in Tamriel it'd probably be around the outskirts of Jehanna (spelling?) ... that city in northeastern High Rock on the west side of the Wrothgar Mountains.

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