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  • I thought every build brought something unique and enjoyable to the table, but Ponty's Lamp Descendant was just outstanding. I can't pinpoint exactly what made it so engaging, but from gameplay to an absolutely masterful presentation I was hooked. It absolutely deserved 1st place by a longshot, and I personally am gonna be taking a few notes on that darn presentation.

  • Many of them were great but I liked the Bowdancer quite a bit. Something about the use of multiple Long Bows and no armor made it especially unique, not to mention the great roleplay opportunities and exceptional presentation.

  • I liked the Bowdancer a lot. It was fun to try out anyways and was 1 of I think 3 that I ended up attempting. Using a bow and no armor is a fun little challeng that I don't think gets done enough anymore for vanilla builds.

  • Blacklion and the Bowdancer were the ones that stuck out to me. The 'bowdancing' playstyle was something I hadn't seen before and really took me by surprise. Blacklion on the other hand really had the aesthetics down and the RP culiminating in the Night of the Lone Lion was stunning!

  • A lot of great builds, but the Blacklion was probably my favorite.  Not to echo Ponty's comment too much but the Night of the Lone Lion was incredigle.  Roleplaying an ex-aldmeri assassin is nice twist on the typical assassin too.  Top that of with an amazing aesthetic and the build really struck a cord with me.

    • :o ily

  • Gotta go with the bowdancer. I love me a witchhunter and those archery tactics are badass!

  • If I had to pick it would hands down be the Lamp Descendant. Overall this contest saw some amazing entries. 

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