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Which Daedric Prince do you favor?

Daedric Princes | Villains Wiki | Fandom

Its no secret Daedric Princes are a powerful and pivotal force in The Elder Scrolls universe. Those who devote themselves wholly to the will of these powerful beings are often rewarded greatly, or utterly ruined. So the question remains, which Daedric Prince do you favor most and why?

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  • Hircine because werewolves are cool.

  • Clavicus Vile cus he's a classic deal making devil and he has a dog

    • Clavicus Vile is fascinating as he's the closest of the princes to the actual devil. 

  • Personally I'm fond of the Princes who meddle in mortal affairs, such as Clavicus, Azura and Hermaeus Mora.

  • Hard for me to decide but I probably go with Boethiah. Mainly because of the idea of the strong and will to persevere and thats rooted within Dunmer culture which are my favorite race. I also like the Tournament of 10 Bloods quest (both from Oblivion and Skyrim mod). Close second would be Hircine I guess.

  • After 18 days of polling it looks like Hircine has come out on top as the most favored prince.

    • Meridia was my pick. I may do a build focused around her some day.

  • The surprise winner of this poll seems to be Meridia. 

    • May her light guide us.

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