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Your First Elder Scrolls Adventure?

I recently came across my first Xbox 360 that was eventually replaced by a second gifted 360 elite with 120gb (a lot less gift communication back then I guess) and found my very first save and character for my very first Elder Scrolls game - apparently a mismatched Redguard.

I think we all have fond memories of our first characters or at least vague fragments of memories - there may have been too many characters since then.

Share your memories or favorite moments of your very first Elder Scrolls game experience.

Which game was your first? What is your favorite memory?

What kind of character did you try first? How did it utterly fail or succeed?


I think I will always remember popping out of the prison sewer in Oblivion, heading over to the white stoned structure and taking out my first bandits, and then the horror of going into Vilverin and experiencing an Ayleid ruin for the first time.

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  • I still remember my very first character. It was a sneak archer of course, but in my defense what got me into skyrim were those old sneak archer gameplay videos by a youtuber named Seph4Life, or something along that line. I know we all hate on sneak archers but that guy managed to make it look like the most awesome play style ever.

    My first hour of Skyrim:

    Having come from playing Fallout 3, I was used to just about everyone I met on the road being an enemy who would immediately attack. I remember sniping an approaching man at a distance as a blizzard raged on, only to approach his corpse and realize he was just a poor innocent farmer. 

  • So the first character I tried to play was a High Elf named Cyndella (I think that was the name anyway). I had literalyl just gotten the game because I saw it and it looked cool. I had absolutely NO idea what it was really about or how it worked. 

    The idea for this character was that she would be a somewhat cliche elven sorceress. However, there was one tiny, itty bit, miniscule little problem.

    I had no idea how to use magic.

    I can see the comments now: "But Pixel! It's right there in the menu! How could you miss it???" Because I am an idiot, that's why. And to make matters worse, I managed to get all the way to the Thalmor Embassy part of the main quest without figuring out how to use an ounce of magicka. Finally, a friend came over and found out that I had gotten Skyrim, and he said it was one of his favorite games. So I booted it up and showed him what I had done, telling him that the character I was trying to play was a mage. And he was like:

    "Uh . . . you're not even using magic."

    And I felt like an utter idiot when he pulled up the menu compass thing and pointed out the one on the left reading, in massive letters, "MAGIC."

    I had a lot of fun with the p̶a̶l̶p̶a̶t̶i̶n̶e̶ ̶s̶p̶e̶l̶l̶ lighting spell after that.

    • Don’t feel bad. It took me 2 weeks to figure out I could use a different shout other than Fus Ro Dah. 

  • My first character was an assassin who used dual daggers and sneak archery in Skyrim.  Pretty typical build but it introduced me to the Elder Scrolls. 

    Probably my best memory was the first time I played a thief build who focused on illusion and pure theft.  I did a heist of the Dwemer museum in Markarth where I stole everything I could smelt into ingots and then smithed a bunch of dwemer armor.  When I sold all the armor, I made a fortune and it felt like the ultimate heist.  That opened my eyes to how much fun Skyrim when the focus was on roleplaying instead of combat.

    • Sounds like a fun idea! I am playing a vampire character with the Sacrosanct mod. There's a perk for that mod called "Blue Blood," where you get benefits and new powers and such from feeding off of more powerful individuals in Skyrim (i.e. Ulfric, Tulius, etc.). They're kinda like blood-heists.

      Anyway, my point is that this comment made me even more excited for that, because you seem to have had a lot of fun with it. 

      • What makes it so fun is I t changes it from feeling like mindless theft to feeling like a planned job performed by a master thief. Or in your case, changes it from feeling like mindless feeding to the kind of purposeful hunt for power  you’d expect from a vampire lord. That’s my take anyways. Hope you enjoy it!

        • Thanks! I'll let you know.

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