Screenshot & Art Request Thread

For those that are in need of all things art, this is a thread where you can reach out for help. Just drop a comment and if someone is available, you can PM them with further details. Feel free to ask for things such as screenshots, perkspreads, personal artworks, character portraits, banners, or text headers. You can even ask for assistance gathering images for your next Character Build, Story, Lore Discussion, or whatever you plan to create.


NOTE: Some requests may be out of reach for members to fulfill whether its due to time constraints or artistic talents. In such instances, please be respectful and understand the situation. You can try asking for assistance again at a later time and a member may be available.  

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      • It is perfect mate, really ! I started the build in the WIP section. I will add everything tomorrow then.


        thx !!

  • Hey, could someone please create a perk spread for my Blackmarsh Doctor? Level 41:

    Conjuration: Mastery (2/5), Necromancy, Ghoul Frenzy, Blood Zombie, Necromaster, Twin Souls.

    Alchemy: Mastery (5/5), Benefactor, Experimenter, Green Thumb, Poisoner, Concentrated Poison (3/3), Purity, Alkahest, Plague Doctor, Gourmet.

    Enchanting: Mastery (5/5), Power Stone (1/3), Mana Stone, Defensive Runes, Staff Recharge, Armor Enchanter, Regalia Enchanter, Extra Effect.

    Destruction: Mastery (3/5)

    Alteration: Mastery (2/5)


    • I can give it a shot after finals wrap up this next week. If someone else wants to help before then, go ahead!

      • Thanks :D

    • Alright! This design is a little out there, so let me know if you would like a more basic version and I will make it!



      • I really like it, thank you!

  • Would anyone mind doing a perk+equipment spread for me, as well as one or two screenshots?

    • I'd be more than happy to do the perk spread, but as of current I am unable to take screenshots. What did you have in mind?

  • Can someone help me? I 'm doing some banners for my contest build and I can't get rid of the white background. I did them on Powerpoint.


    • I can help you. Just post everything you need edited here. 

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