CND's Artwork

Nothing much to say. I like to draw my characters and here's a thread where you can find all my artwork and doodles in one place. 







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  • very cool drawings, I like it. I wish I was as talented as you.

    • Drawing is surprisingly easy to pick up. I'm entirely self taught with no formal training what so ever. Just keep at it and in no time you'd be way better than me. I'm still very much an amateur at this. Just remember it all starts with stick figures. 

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  • To get the ball rolling here are some sketches I did recently.




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    Newest piece for an upcomming build

  • I wish I were a skilled as you . . . My drawing skills a quite limited, but being able to do concept art for builds and stuff would be great. 

    • Thanks Pixel glad you like them. In my opinion things like this is something anyone can do it with enough practice. 

  • Quit your job and get you a career in digital art. 

    • Hah. Nah I'm no where good enough for that.

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