Skylivion - Teaser Trailer

Hey guys, the TESRenewal team have recently made a teaser trailer for Skylivion - recreating/using Skyrim’s engine and porting Oblivion to it. I personally am amazed at the level of detail that they’ve done so far in the Teaser Trailer.

What’s your thoughts on it so far?

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  • I am aroused.

  • These guys deserve so much praise for the work they’ve done. I’ll definitely be dropping everything to play this when it’s released.

    • Absolutely taking work off just to play this when it comes out lol

    • I might just consider doing the same. 

  • This teaser gave me chills. Like ... legit chills.

    That voice acting for Uriel Sepitim is PHENOMINAL! I have to admit, he does sorta sound like a blend between Gandalf and Count Dooku lol But yeah man I am super hyped for this mod. I wonder if they'll make it free on the Steam Store like they did for Enderal.

    • Perhaps they will, only time shall tell

    • I’m assuming they will - much like with Skywind but I’ll do some hunting around and perhaps make a discussion about Skylivion itself 

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