FO4 Build: The Psionic Commando

Greetings everypony! When I heard of the Secret Origins Event, I knew I had to jump onto this boat, as pretty much all of my builds having the backgrounds of Nate and Nora be radically different than just regular trooper and rookie, Ace Attorney 1  level Phoenix Wright. After playing the demo for certain upcoming Bethesda game set in space, I decided to mix that in. Welcome to...


Psionic Reading Music

You weren’t exactly your usual G.I. For one, you were part of what was known as the techtroopers. These men and women worked as both Research and Development, and also field tested any new toys they crafted upon America’s enemies. After an experiment in biomechanical augmentation, utilizing knowledge gained from dissecting alien corpses and research done on crashed ships,  awakened latent psychic abilities in you and several others, you were organized into a psychokinetic force known as the Psionic Commandos. It was during this you met one Nora Blackwood, one of the inventors of the project, and fell in love with her.

To protect your powers existence from any Communist spies, you and Nora were given the cover stories of an average soldier and a fresh-out-of-law-school defense attorney. Not long after, a few months into your new life, you had a son, Shaun. Only a little over a year later, the nukes started raining, and your family was rushed to Vault 111. The rest, as they so often say, was history...


So yeah, if you haven’t guessed already, I was inspired, even before I even knew of the Event, after playing the demo of Bethesda’s upcoming (From the time of writing) Prey (Which I have since beaten and loved).  What I made is a lightly armored character that uses a mixture of chems, “telekinesis”, and an assortment of firearms to dispatch his or her foes quickly.


S-7 P-9 E-10 C-5 I-10 A-6 L-3



Now, playing this character will be fairly simple, but will take some planning. After being named General of the Minuteman by Preston Garvey, you’ll want to head to two places. Those will be The Old North Church and Bunker Hill, but you’ll want to head to the latter after reaching level 10.

You’ll join up with the Railroad, and this will primarily be for that sweet Deliverer pistol. This little-silenced pistol will be good if you wanna increase your chances of survival by getting a sneak attack or two off on your enemies, and can even fare well in open combat.

Next up, go through the Cabot House questline, and when the questline comes, choose to activate the generators and then use a Persuasion Check on Jack to get Lorenzo’s Artifact after a week of in-game time has passed.

What this little Gamma Gun does is basically shoots out a burst of “psychic” energy that, if it kills a foe, which it probably will, it’ll generally cause them to just explode into a pile of fleshy gibs. It doesn’t have the best range, but overall, its fun weapon, good when fighting against groups.

Your Cryolater, which you can grab from Vault 111’s Overseer’s little armory, will be useful to slow enemies, or if you need a nice automatic weapon to deal with foes. Plus its a gun that basically shoots ice, how cool is that? While the ammo is fairly price, this not so little gun is good for when you need your enemies mostly intact.

With chems like PyschoJet, UltraJet, and PyschoBuff to boost your damage, this character, even with very little armor, will be quite sturdy if you need to make a stand. However, I would highly recommend sticking to cover when needed, and trying to keep mobile.

Armor wise, if you have Automatron, I recommend either the Assaultron or Sentry Bot Helmets, otherwise, stick with a Medical Goggles you can get from dead Brotherhood Medics, plus a Surgical Mask, which you can grab from either Teagan’s armory, or within Virgil’s Cave. Alongside that,  Combat Armor Arms and Legs, the light version, will round it off, with a Brotherhood of Steel Uniform, like what Knight Rhys wears, will be your underarmor of choice. Combat armor is fairly easy to come by, and a Synth Field Helm can be found on higher level Synths.

To add a bit of a challenge, I kept my ammo for my guns limited, with only 77 rounds for my Lorenzo’s Artifact, 225 for my Cryolater, and only four Pulse or Plasma Grenades.

Faction wise, either staying with the Railroad, or joining with the Institute, and trying to make it more “humane” would suit this build. Alongside this, try to find peace between the three factions in Far Harbor, and destroy the Raider gangs of Nuka-World.

The Twin Paths

Now, something I wanted to add-on to the build was a little branch. One is a more “moral” path, using both mundane and “psychic” abilities in harmony, or letting said abilities consume the Psionic Commando and letting them overshadow his morals. This will come about upon completing Institutionalized.


The Hybrid

This path’s gameplay won’t really change much from the usual. Character wise, you’ll want to choose the more “morally good” options, like saving people and whatnot. Faction wise, you’ll want to either turn down the Institute in favor of the Minutemen or the Railroad, or stick with the Institute, but reform them into something more Chaotic Good.


The Xenos

With this path, your character has implanted more and more alien and Pre-War tech into him, in essence becoming more machine/alien than human. Your regular weapons will rarely be used in this form. Instead, you’ll focus primarily on using Lorenzo’s Artifact, a Deathclaw Gauntlet, and Plasma and Nuka Grenades, if you can find or craft them. Going down this path will make it so you’ll take the Institute down a more “evil” path, will side with both the Operators and Disciples and will often go about killing anyone that crosses you.



  • You are, in essence, a researcher. So try and read as many terminals in, say, The Institute or Cambridge Polymer Labs.
  • Try and Persuade any foes you come across, as you’d rather solve things with your mind and words than with outright violence.


Thanks for reading!

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