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Welcome fellow wastelanders to The Sky Forge's Fallout Character Build Archives! This page is a compendium of tags meant to aid you in quickly navigating our collection of Fallout builds

To add your builds to the archive simply type in the archive tags listed below that best represent your character on your character build. You should carefully select the tags that best describe your character's most prominent characteristics to help people locate your build faster.


~ Playstyle Tags ~

  • Brawler – No weapon? No problem! Brawlers specialize in destroying their foes with nothing but their fists. Special exception is made for unarmed gauntlet style weapons such as the power fist
  • Melee Weapons - Swing for the fences and hold nothing back. Melee weapon users prefer to get up close and personal with anything they can get their hands on be it bats, clubs, crowbars or even swords. 
  • Gunslinger – Shoot first, ask questions later. Gunslingers are slick gunmen who prefer their trusty pistols above all else. 
  • Sharpshooter– Death from afar. Sharpshooters prefer to take out their foes from a distance with precise long range weapons. 
  • Riskrunner - Characters who relish the high risk high reward combat tactics getting of up close and personal with shotguns. 
  • Commando - Spray and pray all the way. Commandos are those who prefer automatic weapons. 
  • Big Guns – The bigger the gun the better. For characters who specialize in the use of big weapons such as mini guns and the fat man. 
  • Power Armor - For characters who maintain and pilot a suit of Power Armor 
  • Infiltrator - The best attack is the one they never see coming. Infiltrators are experts in the art of silent elimination, killing foes long before they even have a chance to 3177496925?profile=RESIZE_180x180suspect anything.
  • Saboteur - For specialists in the arts of hacking, trap rigging, lockpicking, and picpocketing.
  • Alchoholic - For those of us prepared to drink half the Commonwealth under the table. Alchoholics consume copious amounts of booze to increase their effectiveness in combat.
  • Energy Weapons - There's nothing like the smell charred mutants in the morning. Characters specializing in energy weapons are highly effective with lasers, plasma guns and other energy based weapons. 
  • Chemist – Characters  who make use of chems, and or other concoctions be they anything from scientists to drug addicts
  • Craftsman - Character who rely heavily on crafting or settlement building
  • Demolitionist - Characters who specialize in grenades, mines, bombs, pretty much anything and everything that goes BOOM.
  • VATS -  For character who make extensive use of VATS 
  • Mods -  For character builds which make use of essential gameplay mods 
  • Survivalist -  specifically designed to navigate the brutal Survival Mode.
  • Mechanist - Builds that rely heavily on combat support, role-play and gerenal use of Robot Companions and their modifications.

                             ~ S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Tags ~

  • Tough Guy - Characters who invest heavily into STRENGTH stats and skills
  • Hawkeye - Characters who invest heavily into PERCEPTION stats and skills
  • Triathelete - Characters who invest heavily into ENDURANCE stats and skills
  • Socialite - Characters who invest heavily into CHARISMA stats and skills
  • Brainiac - Characters who invest heavily into INTELLIGENCE stats and skills
  • Speed Demon - Characters who invest heavily into AGILITY stats and skills
  • Lucky Devil- Characters who invest heavily into LUCK stats and skills

~ Faction Tags ~


~ Game Tags ~


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  • Its getting there but its not quite complete. Taking in any input you guys have. 

    • You forgot the most important tag EVER! 

      Shotgunner - crazy fools who run around with nothing between them and the enemy but their trusty double barrels! 

      • I tried something like that in the form of the “risk runner” tag. I suppose shot gunner works better 

        • Oh, didn't see that there. No worries, I'll change it. My eyes are completely going, damn. 

  • Got just about every tag thats been used linked. Even added two new tags: The Alchoholic for those heavy drinking builds, and Saboteur for hackers, lockpickers, pickpockets, and trappers.

  • What about a House Faction?

    • Yeah didn’t think about that, but I can add that in.

  • It's spelled 'Demolitionist'

    • Thanks for catching that. I’ll be sure to fix that later. 

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