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Introducing The Captain, A non-crit sharpshooter/engineer hybrid, who tactically approaches combat with his faithful robot companion, Spotter. His playstyle and general vibe is heavily inspired by Risk of Rain's captain and sniper c

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FO4 Build: The Mercenary

Hello everyone and welcome to my build. This is a port of my old build from TV. This build is very special as this was the first build I ever made for Fallout 4 and it's currently my best build yet. Anyway, without further ado, I present to you: 


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Fallout Character Build Archives

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Welcome fellow wastelanders to The Sky Forge's Fallout Character Build Archives! This page is a compendium of tags meant to aid you in quickly navigating our collection of Fallout builds

To add your builds to the archive simply type in the archiv

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Character Build: The Technician (FO4)

Hello readers! Just like with Elder Scrolls, I have a good idea of what I like when it comes to playing Fallout. That’s why I’m excited to share with you all my first Fallout 4 build which I had an absolute blast with. It might not have some of the a

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FO4 Build: The Orbitalis Marinus

Hail citizens of the Imperium! Er, hello my fellow Sky Forge members, welcome to my second contribution to the Secret Origins Event from the Tamriel Vault! Its been awhile since I last kitted up in Power Armor and sided with the Brotherhood of Steel.

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FO4 Build: The Atom Cat


The Atom Cat

As they’re rarely seen outside of their remotely located garage it’s easy to play through Fallout 4 and never run into the Atom Cats, which would be a shame as they’re a great little addition to the game. While this isn’t the first refe

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FO4 Build: The Lawbringer


The Lawbringer

During my very first playthrough, after killing Kellogg and looting his corpse, I almost immediately started messing around with his gun. It was my first time playing around with a revolver in Fallout 4 and found even the simple act o

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FO4 Build: The Disciple


The Disciple

Before the Nuka-World DLC was released I was working on a stealthy melee build using Pickman’s Blade. After its release, I ended up reworking the idea because it introduced the perfect faction for stealthy melee builds like my own: The

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FO4 Build: The Director


The Director

The name of the build comes from the title given to the leader of the Institute, a title which can be passed on to the player if they choose to side with them. As befitting the title, our character does whatever he can to lead the Insti

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