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Lore Article: Diamond City

Welcome all, to the next lore article and the first to be about the East Coast. Today I will tell you about a shining star in a dark and dangerous place. I a talking about Diamond City. So, enjoy the article!Lore Article: Diamond City As you walk up the Riptide Bridge, named after the Pre-War tug boat rammed into it, you will be met with signs guiding you forward towards the "Green Jewel". The largest settlement in the Commonwealth. It's name is Diamond City. After you pass the first city…

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Lore Article: Raiders of the West

Hello everyone and welcome, to the first lore article in the Fallout Lore Group. For the first, I wanted to record a special group of people. One's we see so often and yet, hate with all our being. Yes, I am talking about the Raiders, specifically, the West coast Raiders. The scourge of California and Nevada."Raiders roam the wastes. Bandits out to pillage, burn and rape. They have no love for order, only chaos." Raiders are people or groups of people that banded together for survival. However,…

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The Lore Archives

Welcome! Welcome to all! Before you stand the great Archives. Every single Article is stored here, in these great underground halls. And of course, every Article you write will be put here, where it belongs. Don't worry about getting lost. The Archives are organized into six categories for you to browse. I won't delay you any longer, you must be desperate to start reading. Make yourself at home wastelander! Lore Article: Diamond CityLore Article: Raiders of the West

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Article Creation Guide

So, another one joins the Historians? Very well. This means I can teach you the ropes. This place is the Article Creatin Guide and here I will show you how to make your Article good-looking and presentable and not a big brick of random words. 1. IntroductionWhen it comes to the Introduction, it has to draw readers into the rest of the Article. You can look at the Article as a slide. The introduction is the part of the slide where you let go of the handle. This is where you tell the readers what…

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