Lore Article: Goodsprings

Hello! This will be my first lore article, and I hope this makes a good impression. I'll be writing this from the perspective of a wastelander, and it's post courier in the independent vegas ending. I guess I'm breaking character for the begining here, but just be quiet and let me have my fun.



I've delivered packages and escorted caravans to every corner of the Mojave, but recently after Vegas gained independence I realized something strange. I've had an influx in deliveries and escorts heading to a small town called Goodsprings. I had recognized the name from the storys about The Courier. This town is the place The Courier allegedly "rose from the grave," though it seems what really happened is decently different from this. One of my aspirations is to be a credible source and well known source of wastleand information, so to learn more about this town, I settled there for two years. The things I learnt about this small town weren't too interesting, but it's a story worth telling for the sake of preservation. 


Pre-war Goodsprings

Doc Mitchell (who for some reason wouldn't tell me his last name) has quite the collection of pre-war books. He was kind enough to let me read them, which gave me a decent amount of information about pre-war Goodsprings. It seems the area around Goodsprings had a wealth of metals. Lead, silver, zinc, copper, and gold to be specific. This made miners start a small camp in the area, which later became the Goodsprings Township in 1900. I It remained a small collection of buildings until a railroad was constructed in 1910, and Goodsprings was given the aid of mining companies who wanted to capitalize off it's prime location. Goodsprings had a rapid expansion as a result, though it remained a small town. This information all came from an old world tourist pamphlet that was tucked behind one of the shelves, it's a miracle that I found it. 


Post-war Goodsprings

Goodsprings was abandoned for quite some time after the bombs dropped, and was settled a short time before 2281 after settlers were given a by the New California Republic to develop a small town with the main purpose of providing water to neighbouring areas. It also served as a low risk mining settlement, but it seems after Sloan was built that wasn't a necessary function for Goodsprings to serve, so Goodsprings has no mining industry and shifted to agriculture instead. Bighorners are abundant, and they roam the paths between buildings, much like the descriptions of the pre-war country "India" and how the small villages there had cows roaming the streets. Goodsprings is an amazing source of bighorner products and water due to its location which provides useful road access which leads to both Primm and New Vegas, as well as other small camps in the area. Caravans often use it as a rest stop, and many ship the water and bighorner hide to New Vegas and the other locations. I believe that given about 5 years Goodsprings will expand to the size of Primm. That is unless the tunnelers get to it first...


Locations of Interest

Of course people would like to know what shops and locations are worth going to within Goodsprings, and since there's so little, I'd say all of them! I'll go through them all in this segment though. 

The first thing you'll see if you're coming in from the road from Primm will probably be the bright lights of the sign for the Prospector Saloona saloon owned by Trudy, who's been keeping the bar in shape for years. She's easy going yet assertive, I've heard she even made some great khans pay their tab. Don't let that scare you off though, as she's definitely one of the most skilled bartenders I've ever seen in the western wasteland. Most importantly though, she owns a store that provides a damn good source of whiskey. 

To the left of the saloon you'll see an old general store that still serves the same purpose. It's not so aptly named the Goodsprings General Store, and it's owned by Chet. Chet is simply a businessman, and frankly I wasn't able to learn much about him, other than the fact that he went to New Vegas twice in his life. He told me a bunch of stories about his time in New Vegas that I frankly didn't want to hear (Chet if you're reading this, I'm sorry, but it's the truth). He sells weapons, weapon mods, ammo, and armour, stimpaks, as well as other miscellaneous items. In my opinion it should be called the Goodsprings Armoury, but i suppose Chet is choosing to keep it this way for the sake of tradition.

If you need to see a doctor because you got bit by a gecko or walked by some toxic waste, go up the road to doc Mitchell's house, where he can provide you with medical equipment or surgery. If it's urgent he seems to do it free. Mitchell's a kind, clever, and quick-witted man, in almost all of my conversations with him he's made some sort of joke. He's a skilled sugeon, after all he is the one who picked bits of bullets out of The Couriers brain. I trust no one more with treating my cazador stings and deathclaw wounds. 

This has been my terminal about the town of Goodsprings. I hope it made you respect the small town at least a tiny bit more. Now if you'll excuse me, I have bounties to hunt and caps to make. 

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