So, I really want some mods that have to do with politics. Something along the lines of the "Diplomatic Immunity" quest. I don't know, to be honest, just something that would improve the politics in Skyrim, and any quest mods relating to politics would be appreciated.


Suggest some :)

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  • I don't use many mods, but Become High King of Skyrim seems like a pretty good political mod. Blackblood played through it and he seemed to have enjoyed it. Perhaps he can chime in and give a more detailed explanation of the mod.

    • I've played Become High King of Skyrim, but I prefered Become of Jarl of Ivarstead instead. Thanks, though! 

  • There are quite a few aspects of life that fall under the umbrella of politics so there are quite a few options available. You won't get to witness house of cards style political intrigue but these mods might help improve immersion. 

    High king of Skyrim has already been recommended so i won't touch on that further. 

    If you can find it, Civil War overhaul really fleshed out the civil war and makes it so you can actually lose the civil war if you lose enough battles. 

    Opening Scene Overhaul reintroduces to the game much of the cut content from the opening scene. The tension between the empire and thalmor are more apparent and it's easier to glean from this scene a lot of the political turmoil affecting Skyrim.


    You could also join the thalmor



    Opening Scene Overhaul
    NOW COMPATIBLE WITH ALTERNATE START, JUST FOLLOW THE STEPS IN THE DESCRIPTION! Ever thought Skyrim's opening scenes were boring and felt like they we…
    • Hmm...will check these mods out, thanks!

      • There are smaller mods such as immersive hold borders and taxes of the nine holds that add to the type of immersion you're looking for: 

        • Well, tbh, I'm looking for mods which give the Dragonborn a bigger role in the politics of Skyrim. Kinda like the quest "Diplomatic Immunity". I'm also looking for quests that makes the Dragonborn apart of the Jarls' courts, and mods in which talking is more effective than the sword.

  • My apologies for misunderstanding your question. I can't say there are any mods that allow the dragonborn to involve themselves in politics to that extend. But I will keep my eyes open.

    • Alright! Thanks anyway my friend :)

  • Late to the party but here are a few other suggestions:

    The Second Great War of Skyrim does just what it sounds like - when you finish the Civil War quest line, another war breaks out - the Thalmor are breaking out of the Concordat and openly conquering Tamriel. They come up to Skyrim from Cyrodiil. You can fight on the side of whoever you won the war with (Empire or Stormcloaks), and you can even join the Thalmor. I thought it was very well done, and it fits your desire for a lot of talking and politics and intrigue and deals with other countries and so forth. A decent number of battles but it's far more political and lore focused than the base game's Civil War. (The Thalmor quest line was quite weak compared to the other two.) 

    Rigmor of Bruma is also very political - you actually end up in a support role for the young heroine Rigmor. Epic, epic storyline interwoven with the Thalmor conflict and other in-game stuff. It actually kind of overwhelms the rest of the game, so I would recommend that you do a playthrough that is just centered on this mod and storyline. But if you are looking for more lore-based content, this one has it in spades.

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