Mod Patrol: Don't miss out on the latest developments!

Hey all, as there are constant developments in the Modding scene, we thought we'd try a new recurring thread to ensure new developments are not overlooked. So, introducing Mod Patrol, your one-stop shop to ensure you stay in the loop with the latest news!

These past few weeks, we've had several significant developments occur, particularly for SE (Skyrim Special Edition). Please see below:

  • Creation Club Beta: If you own SE for PC on Steam, you are eligible to opt into the Creation Club Beta. The highlight here is the Survival Mode, which you can read about here.
  • SKSE64: Perhaps the single most essential third party tool for Skyrim modding has finally arrived - albeit, it is currently in an alpha state, but it's functional, and mod authors have already begun porting their LE (Legendary Edition) SKSE mods and plugins. This is fantastic news for PC players. (Unfortunately, consoles cannot support SKSE64 due to platform limitations as well as the Bethesda EULA.)
  • SkyUI SE: Easily a top 3 essential mod for LE has been released in a functional alpha state. This brings MCM menu support, improved favorites menu, inventory sorting, and many more amazing UI/HUD tweaks and QoL improvements. Download it here if you are using SKSE64.
  • iHUD: Immersive HUD for SE is out. A staple of many mod lists, this really does help with immersion by way of reducing HUD clutter. SKSE64 users can download it here.
  • CBBE SE: ousnious has worked with Caliente to update and release CBBE for SE. This is the highest poly female body on the Nexus to my knowledge, and it comes with many other cool features as well as a general quality upgrade from LE or Fallout 4. This is for sure the de facto "best female body" for SE as of now. PC players download it here.
  • AOS SE: Another essential LE mod in my book, Audio Overhaul Skyrim 2, has been released with updates and upgrades for SE. This mod totally changes ambient noise and reverb among other tweaks, and generally plays nicely with other sound mods too. Highly recommended. SE players can download it here.
  • Nexus Redesign: A long time coming, the Nexus team has finally unveiled their redesign to the general public. Although it has not yet officially rolled out to replace the default theme, and there may still be a few kinks to work out, this is a massive upgrade in my book. You can see it in action for yourself by clicking here.

That'll conclude things from me for now. If anyone thinks I've missed a major development, please share in the comments. If you have any questions about any of the items I've linked, let me know. I think this is an exciting time for mod users, and I hope some of you enjoy these new toys!

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  • This is great, I don't keep up with the modding scene much so this will definitely keep me up to date.

  • These are worth looking into. Thanks Teccam.
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