Mod Review: Gold and Silver Weapons and Armor

  • This will be short and sweet. What this mod adds is, well, weapons made of Gold and Silver into the game. The textures aren´t amazing, considering Sony doesn´t, yet, allow custom assets. However, this mod adds not only a giant statue of Mara near Riverwood Mill with all the items, but it also adds SPEARS! Well, a spear each in gold and silver, in the respective chests, but you can buy more out in the world. 

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  • Sony still doesnt allow custom assets? Why do they insist on shooting themselves in the foot like this?

    • I've seen some pretty well done mods, especially some house mods, using only Vanilla and DLC assets for both Skyrim and Fallout

    • Something I've asked myself since the release of SE :/
      • In one dumb move Sony pretty much handed most of its Skyrim console players over to Microsoft.
        • It makes some sense. Sony probably don't want any copyrighted stuff or possible viruses in scripts with custom scripts and assets
  • Any other PS4 mods of interest>?

  • So are you a youtuber and a reviewer now?
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