New Creation Club Content and Sale


- New Shivering Isle themed dungeon and quest and  new daedra added to the workd

- sunken pirate ship delve 

- Cyrus armor and weapon

- new Nordic player home in the Reach

- grey cowl of nocturnal quest 


This new content looks pretty exciting, do you think I should get it? What are your thoughts on the sale and CC content in general?

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  • I'm gonna check it now. Now I just need to get PSN working...

    • Seems like PSN is always down for you. Could it be your internet?

      • Unlikely, cause 9/10 I can get Internet Connection, it fails when trying to connect to PSN

  • Im not too impressed with the armors and weapons but Bethesda does a pretty good job with dungeons. It sucks I'll never get a chance to try out any of their dungeons unless I switch to Special Edition and pay up. 

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